Vallo Reima
About my IT professionality

I have been dealt with many different programming languages in different development environments. Below are listed only those areas in which I really count myself as an experienced.


Back in professional software development. Creating pure web-based 3-tier rich applications. MySql & Sqlite are used for the database management and AJAX & SaaS delivery model for client-server communications. The server-side is backed by PHP and JavaScript is used extensively client-side. The framework is created to develop different solutions. See Developed regarding the solutions.

Languages: PHP, SQL, XSL, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON.
Environments: Windows, NetBeans, MS VWD, Apache, Linux, cPanel, Git.


Focused on other (commercial) activities but retained connection with software development. Support and adaptation of the PPS production & sales accounting system developed before. E-commerce solutions (e-shopping, e-promotion, e-payment).

Languages: FoxPro, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP.
Environments: Windows Server, RDP, Visual FoxPro, MS FrontPage & VWD.


Switching from system programming to creation of user applications. Developing accounting systems based on the relational database model. Multi-user access in the LAN, connecting LAN's into WLAN through a data transmission. Integrating several applications to exchange data inside the company information system.

Languages: FoxPro, Intel x86 Assembler, HTML, JavaScript, Perl.
Environments: MS-DOS, Lantastic, Windows, Dial-up networking, MS FrontPage.


The low-level assembly programming was required for access to system facilities and make the most of the potential of technology at the time. My main areas were OS system support, hardware diagnostics and drivers, data transmission programming between mainframe and PC’s (adapting protocols like Kermit), LAN and WLAN management.

Languages: IBM/370 & Intel x80 Assembler, PL/I, Pascal, Basic, REXX.
Environments: VM/CMS, CICS, MS-DOS, CP/M.